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New podcast weblogI'm ShaMarie the host of It is what it is: A true crime podcast out of Idaho falls. I just wanna share my love of true crime!#truecrimepodcast ūü§ó

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Tuesday Aug 04, 2020

There you have it! Chad Daybell Court hearings are now over! #chaddaybell #livecourt #chaddaybellupdate #ChadDaybellCourt

Tuesday Aug 04, 2020

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Tuesday Aug 04, 2020

August 3rd 2020 today is the 1st day of chads court I give you a recap of the day! #chaddaybell #livecourt #chaddaybellupdate #ChadDaybellCourt

Friday Jul 31, 2020

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Tuesday Jul 28, 2020

The documentary Dream/Killer made in 2015! Here is a recap of one of the best documentary and eye opening I've watched in a hot sec. Ryan's dad Bill is a dad like no other his love and the bond he was with Ryan is so amazing!! He got help from one of the greatest women in the world Kathleen Zellner!  #KathleenZellner #BadBitch #FreeRyanFerguson  #BillBestDadEver #WrongfulConvition #Dream/Killer #TrueCrimeDocumentary  #Documentary 

Saturday Jul 25, 2020

Top fan pick off Twitter from Kenny Nathaniel White was born on July 28th 1960 in New York. I"m going to use the story his girlfriend at the time Jill's story she tells on Evil Lives here on the ID channel Season 4 episode 1 called "I Invited him in" that expires on Monday July 27th 2020 from the IDgo app . I believe her story is the most important side to tell! She was in love with a monster that came in and changed her life forever and not in a good way! She is the auntie of his youngest victim her 14 year old niece! He was also the killer of her best friend! He killed a total of 6 young lady's in his time from March 25th 1991 to July 30th 1992 he was apprehended on August 2nd 1992. He claims the movie RoboCop 2  from 1990 was his inspiration. His Victims are: Juliana Frank 29 from Middletown, New York Christine Klebbe 14 years old his girlfriends niece Laurette 34 from Middletown, New York  Jill's friend Angelina and Brenda they are cousins taken from a bar in Poughkeepsie, New York  Adriane was 27 from Middletown, New York  #EvilLivesHere #TrueCrime #NathanielWhite #NewYork #SerialKiller #FanPick #IdahoPodcaster 

Thursday Jul 23, 2020

The case that haunts me is on the ID channel this is season 3 episode 5 called "Out of lies" its one of my favorite shows on the ID channel. In this story you have a 78 year old grandma found dead in her home! A wed of lies is told but yet the truth will come out in the end!!!   #TheCaseThatHauntsMe #showreview #truecrime #murder #whodidit #somanylies #grandmakiller

Tuesday Jul 21, 2020

A family in Georgia finally got answers after damn near 40 years of not knowing what happened to their loved one Timothy Coggins. They had no answers to who did this  all they knew was the horrible way he was killed. On October 9th 1983 Tim was lured into a truck by Frankie Gebhardt and Bill Moore he was stabbed more then 30 times and dragged behind a truck and left to pass away alone in a filed. I myself can't wrap my head around the fact that someone would be killed for the color of their skin or for liking another race! My heart broke for the Coggins family they shouldn't have had to wait for so long for justice. Finally a Sheriff and his team and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) brought this family the justice they needed so long ago Sheriff Darrell Dix is a man after my own heart he is going to do so many great things.  Please watch abc 20/20 In the cold dark night. This episode opened my eyes to so much. The love and support Tim's family showed Moore's daughter at the end of her dad's court truly had me crying! 

Sunday Jul 19, 2020

Betty shot and killed her ex-husband Daniel or Dan T. Broderick the 3rd and his new wife Linda (Kolkena) Broderick on November 5th 1989 two days before her 42nd birthday. She shot Linda twice killing her almost instantly once in her stomach and once in the back of the head. Then she shot Dan once leaving him to suffer for 20 mins before passing away. She claims it was years of bullshit  him cheating, treating her poorly and finally take her kids away they had five kids together one passed away at two days old. She let the world know what happens when she was pushed to snap or was she taken over by the green jealousy monster?! Watch Snapped season 27 episode 17 on Oxygen 

Friday Jul 17, 2020

EVERYONE STOP FREAKING OUT THERE IS NO WAY SHE EVER GETTING OUT!!Here is my brake down of the shit show! #Loridaybell #LoriVallow #worstmomever #stayinjailbitch #HateUrFace #CourtUpdate

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